2 October 2011, 20:36

Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Viktoras Malinauskas and I am a student at University of East London doing BSc Software Engineering course (year 2). I keep myself busy programming in (x)HTML, PHP, JavaScript (jQuery in particular), C# and other .NET goodies, attending lectures and tutorials, fiddling with my Linux server (multi-purpose box, which is wireless router, infrared receiver, print server, NAS, but details on that will appear here soon!). Also I am part of a research group at my university (details on this to come here soon too). I enjoy catching up with new technologies and learning new programming and software engineering techniques, exploring various development frameworks, which could essentially shorten software development duration and improve quality.

This website is in early development stages and as I am interested in many different things, I will post them here - perhaps you will find them interesting too. So please come back soon!


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